Consolidation rule templates in Planning Business Modeler

The Consolidation Rule templates provide a pre-coded collection of the business rules that perform consolidation. These rules can be customized to match the requirements of the business.

The topics in this section provide detailed descriptions of the Consolidation Rule templates.

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ICE for investments template

Eliminates investments that a holding company has in subsidiaries of fully owned intercompany partners.

ICE for equity template

Eliminates equity that a parent entity has in its fully owned subsidiaries, and creates a minority interest equity amount.

ICE for profit and loss template

Eliminates intercompany transactions, and creates minority interest in net profit and loss. In addition, this rule reclassifies income and expense amounts that are not intercompany.

ICE for balance sheets template

Eliminates intercompany balances.

Examples: Customized Consolidation Rule templates

Includes working examples of each Consolidation Rule template.

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