Conflict resolution in Business Contact Manager

When you reconnect your local database to the shared version, any changes that were made while you were offline must be reconciled now that you are online. These changes include ones from your local database as well as those made by other people in the shared database.

Previously, on the Conflict Resolution tab, in the Offline Settings dialog box, by selecting Ask me, you chose to review each changed record on a case-by-case basis: whether to keep the changes made in your local database, or accept the changes made in the shared database.

Resolve conflicts

  1. For each record that changed since the last time you were online, the specific changes will be marked. Select one of the following:

    • Local      Accept the change you made to that record in your local database.

    • Shared      Accept the change made to that record in the shared database while you were offline.

  2. Select Make the same choice for all subsequent conflicts, if you decide that all changes to records made in your local database while you were offline should take priority over the changes made in the shared database, or vice versa.

Note: To access these offline settings, on the Business Contact Manager menu, point to Offline, and then click Offline Settings.

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