Configure incoming e-mail

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To enable incoming e-mail by using automatic mode, you must install the Internet Information Services (IIS) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server.

By specifying a drop folder, you can enable incoming e-mail by not using an SMTP server.

  1. On the top navigation bar, click Operations.

  2. On the Operations page, in the Topology and Services section, click Incoming e-mail settings.

  3. If you want to enable sites on this server to receive e-mail, on the Incoming E-mail Settings page, in the Enable Incoming E-Mail section, select Yes.

  4. Select either the Automatic or the Advanced settings mode.

    If you select Advanced, you can specify a drop folder instead of using an SMTP server.

  5. If you want to connect to the SharePoint Directory Management Service, in the Directory Management Service section, select Yes.

    You can connect to the SharePoint Directory Management Service for SharePoint sites to manage e-mail addresses in SharePoint lists.

  6. In the Directory Management Service URL box, type the URL of the SharePoint Directory Management Service.

  7. In the E-mail server display address box, type the e-mail server name (for example,

  8. Answer the following two questions by selecting Yes or No:

    • Does the Directory Management Service manage distribution lists?

    • Should distribution lists accept mail only from authenticated senders?

  9. In the Incoming E-Mail Server Display Address section, type a display name for the e-mail server (for example, in the E-mail server display address box.

    Tip: You can specify the e-mail server address that is displayed when users create an incoming e-mail address for a list or group. Use this setting in conjunction with the SharePoint Directory Management Service to provide an e-mail server address that is more user-friendly.

  10. In the Safe E-Mail Servers section, select one of the following options:

    • Accept mail from all e-mail servers

    • Accept mail from these safe e-mail servers. If you select this option, type the IP addresses (one per line) of the e-mail servers that you want to specify as safe in the corresponding box.

  11. In the E-mail Drop Folder section, in the E-mail drop folder box, type the name of the folder in which Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services polls for incoming e-mail from the Windows SMTP Service.

    This option is available only if you selected advanced mode.

  12. Click OK.

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