Configure general properties for a data source

When you create a data source in PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer, you can configure properties for that data source by clicking the Properties tab in the data source workspace.

In particular, you can use the tab to:

  • Configure generic properties such as a data source name and description.

  • Create or modify custom properties.

  • Set user permissions.

To configure general properties for a data source

  1. In the data source workspace, click the Properties tab to view the general and custom properties, and permissions for the data source.

  2. In the General Properties section, modify one or more of the following properties:

    • Data source name

    • Description

    • Person Responsible

    • Display Folder

  3. (Optional) To add a custom property:

    • In the Custom Properties section, click New Property.

    • In the Property Type Selector dialog box, click the property type that you want to add, and then click OK.

    • In the Value box, type a value for the new property.

    • In the Name box, replace the system-provided text (if any) with the name of the property.

    • (Optional) In the Description box, type a description.

    • Repeat steps a through e until you finish adding new properties.

  4. To modify user permissions:

    • Click New Permission.

    • In the User column of the new row that is created, type the name and domain of the new user. Use the format DOMAIN\alias.

    • In the Role column, select Editor or Reader permission from the drop-down list.

      Note: To change a data source, a user must have Editor permissions and appropriate permissions on Monitoring Server.

  5. When you finish modifying general properties and custom properties, click the Home tab, and then click Publish All.

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