Conferencing Attendant Properties: Regions

Use the Regions tab to specify which Enterprise Voice location profile will route Conferencing Attendant calls and be used to translate phone number extensions for user personal identification number (PIN) authentication. A location profile specifies a set of phone number normalization rules to be applied to numbers that are dialed from a specific location. The same phone number dialed from different locations can, based on the respective location profiles, resolve to different E.164 numbers, as appropriate to each location.

Note: You are not required to deploy all components of Enterprise Voice to support dial-in conferencing, but you must configure at least one location profile to use with Conferencing Attendant.


The name of a location profile that Conferencing Attendant has been configured to use.

Display Text

The display text that you specified when you configured the location profile.

Note: The display text is displayed as the region name when a user views conference access phone numbers.


Click to specify a new location profile to use with Conferencing Attendant.


Click to change the location profile to use with Conferencing Attendant.


Click to stop using the selected location profile with Conferencing Attendant.

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For details, see the Conferencing Attendant and location profile content in the Office Communications Server Technical Library.

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