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You can start a new Group conversation to talk with your team, share files with modern attachments, and flag particular team members with @mentions.

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The following procedures describes how to perform these tasks using Outlook on the web.

Note: These features are currently not available in Outlook on the desktop.

To share a document in a new Group conversation
  1. In the Outlook folder pane, select Groups, and then select your group.

  2. Start a new conversation by selecting Start a group conversation.

  3. Select the Attach file icon to the lower right of your response (it looks like a paperclip).

  4. Navigate to the file you which to attach, select it, and select Next.

  5. Select Attach as a OneDrive file.

  6. Select Send.

To flag a team member or group in a conversation
  1. Select a conversation from the list to view its content in the reading pane.

  2. Add to the conversation by selecting Reply All at the bottom of the conversation and entering your response.

  3. In the response pane, enter an ampersand (@), also known as the "at" symbol.

  4. Begin to type the name or email alias of the person or group you wish to flag.

  5. When they appear on in the Suggested contacts list, select their name.

  6. Select Send. When anyone selects the that person's @mention, their contact card will appear and they can select how to contact that person.

Additional resources

For instructions on setting up Office 365 for this tutorial, see the Setup Instructions in Unite your team with Groups.

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