Combine documents

To merge two different documents into one file, copy the contents of one document and paste it into the other.

  1. Open both documents.

  2. In the document you want to add, choose Home > Select > Select All to select the whole document. Or press Ctrl+A.

Select All on the Select menu

  1. Choose Home > Copy. Or press Ctrl+C.

Copy button on the Home tab

  1. In the second document, click where you want to add the copied content, and choose Home > Paste > Merge Formatting to make the new content match what’s already there.

Merge formatting option for Paste

Combine more than two documents

If you want to add more than one file, it might be faster to open one of the documents and insert the other files into it.

This is especially quick if all the files you’re adding are saved in the same folder.

  1. Open the first document and click where you want to insert the next one.

  2. Click Insert > Object > Text from File.

Object menu in the Text group

  1. Browse to the documents you want to add, click them, and click Insert.

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