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Decisions, decisions, decisions. There are three places where you can store, edit, and share files: OneDrive (personal), OneDrive for Business, and Office 365 team sites. But which one is the best choice? If you are not sure where to save your files, here’s some guidance.

Where to store files in the cloud

How to Decide

Save documents to OneDrive for Business when…   

  • You don’t want to share them, for example, draft documents, personal expense reports, or documents that no one else needs to see.

  • You plan to share them, but they have a limited scope, for example, blog articles or work documents you want to informally review.

  • You want basic version control.

Save documents to a team site library when…   

  • You want team members to have easy access, for example, project documents, team documents, or a formal collaboration with other groups in your organization.

  • You want to create a document workflow that assigns the document to someone else for feedback, approval, or signatures.

  • You want advanced version control.

  • You want to add specific (also called fine-grained) permission control for confidential information.

  • You want the document integrated with apps and services, such as line-of-business applications, Human Resources sites, marketing and sales collateral, and Business Intelligence portals.

Save documents to OneDrive (personal) when…   

  • The file is exclusively a personal file, for example, vacation photos, house remodeling documents, home budgets, and private to-do lists.

  • You want to easily share the file with family, friends, neighbors, and others who do not work in your organization.

  • You don’t need to manage file versions.

Additional resources

For more information on version control, see Manage document versions in OneDrive for Business.

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