Check for Errors in your Business Contact Manager database

To improve the efficiency of your database, we recommend that you occasionally check for errors by performing the TE000129525 of your Business Contact Manager database.

To defragment your database and check for errors, click Start.

The results appear in the Details box.

If no errors were found, you receive the message that your database has been successfully defragmented, and any errors fixed or logged.

If your database was not successfully defragmented, you will receive a detailed list of what data was moved, and what was not.

Tip: If you receive an error message saying that some of your data could not be moved, your database may still be fully functional. For optimal performance, defragment your database again.

Note: This page is part of the Manage Database wizard. To access this wizard, on the Business Contact Manager menu, point to Database Tools, and then click Manage Database.

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