Change the object or text color after an animation plays

Note: This procedure applies to entrance and emphasis animation effects only.

  1. In the navigation pane, select the slide that contains the animation effect that you want to change.

  2. Click in the slide, and then on the Animations tab, under Animation Options, click Reorder.

    Animations tab, Animation Options group

  3. Under Animation order, click the animation effect.

  4. Under Effect Options, on the After animation pop-up menu, click the color that you want to change the text or object to.


    • To make your text or object disappear after the animation plays, on the After animation pop-up menu, click Hide After Animation or Hide on Next Animation.

    • Each animation effect is represented on the slide by a number  Animation number  next to the object, which indicates the order that it will play in.  If two animation effects are set to play at the same time, they are represented by a numbered stack  Animation numbered stack .

    • You can change other animation options, such as the speed or how the animation starts. For more information, see Change animation order, speed, or how it starts.

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