Change or remove the creation date or time of a page

Whenever you create a new page in any of your notebooks, OneNote adds a date and time stamp to each new page. This makes it easier to find and identify specific pages later on when you search or organize your notes.

You can change the original creation date and time of any page in your notebook. For example, if you’re preparing a set of preliminary notes for a meeting that won’t take place until the following week, you could change the date of the page to match that of the event.

Change the page creation date

  1. Near the top of the page, just underneath the page header, click the date.

  2. Click the small calendar icon that appears to the left of the date.

    Change the page creation date.

  3. In the calendar that appears, click the new date that you want to apply.

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Change the page creation time

  1. Near the top of the page, just underneath the page header, click the time.

  2. Click the small clock icon that appears to the right of the time.

    You can change the page creation time in OneNote.

  3. Choose the new time that you want to apply, and then click OK.

Note:  If you change your mind about the date or time you’ve applied, just follow the same steps again.

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Remove the page creation date or time

If you’re working on notes that don’t apply to any particular date or time, you can remove either the date or time (or both) doing the following:

  • To remove the date, click it on the page and then press Del.

  • To remove the time, click it on the page and then press Del.

If you choose to remove the date or time a page was created, you can no longer use this information as search criteria when searching for specific information in your notebooks.

Note:  You can also add the current date and time anywhere in your notes if you’d like to keep track of chronological events such as a phone log or entries in a blog.

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