Build Visio diagrams using touch

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Touch gestures in Visio let you do the same actions you can with a mouse, so you can build diagrams on touch devices such as tablets or phones. Use your finger to drag shapes onto the drawing canvas. Tap the shape to work with it:

  • One tap selects the shape, so you can move it.

  • One tap also makes the sizing and rotation handles appear. Drag them with your finger to work with the shape.

  • Two taps opens the same toolbar that you get when you right-click a shape. Use it to cut or copy, or apply styles or data.

  • Three taps opens the text tool in the shape, so you can add, edit or format text.

Autoconnect also works with touch, and it’s also simple to work with multiple shapes when using touch.

For more about touch and building diagrams in Visio with touch, see Visio on a mobile or touch-based device.

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