Budget form: options and information

Available in Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2008 and Microsoft Office Accounting Standard 2008 only.

You can use the Budget form to make profitability projections for a fiscal period. If you selected the Use classes check box in the Preferences dialog box, you can also make projections by class.

The Budget details table lists all active profit and loss accounts in the following order:

  • Income

  • Cost of goods sold (COGS)

  • Expense

  • Other income

  • Other expense

Open the form

  1. On the Company menu, click Create a Budget.

  2. In the New Budget dialog box, select a fiscal period, and then click OK.

Form options

Form options and descriptions



Budget name

(Required.) Type a descriptive name for the budget.

Fiscal period

(Read-only.) Displays the fiscal period that you are budgeting.

Budget details

Type an amount in the monthly fields that are applicable to the budget.

Note: You cannot enter amounts in both the Period Total and monthly columns for an account. If you have entered monthly amounts, and then change the Period Total amount, the monthly amounts are cleared and the amount in the Period Total column is added to the last month in your fiscal period. If you have entered a Period Total amount for an account, and then enter monthly amounts, the Period Total will change to the sum of the monthly amounts.

Budget by class

Appears only if the Use classes check box is selected in the Preferences dialog box. The table displays a list of classes created in Microsoft Office Accounting 2008. Type amounts in the applicable fields for a selected account in the Budget details table.

Note: If the sum of class amounts does not equal the budget amount, the difference is posted to Unclassified.


Type relevant information about the budget; for example, the assumptions that you used in making predictions.

Additional actions

Budget form menus

On the Budget form menus, you can select the commands listed in the following table.



Clear All

On the Actions menu, click to clear all budget amounts from the Budget form. If class amounts were entered, they are also cleared.

Export to Excel

On the Actions menu, if you have Microsoft Office Excel installed on the computer or network where Office Accounting 2008 is installed, you can export the budget to an Office Excel workbook.


On the File menu, click to remove the budget from Accounting 2008.

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