Array formulas

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Want to calculate the total of a large range of cells? Use an array formula. An array is a series of data in a row, column, or a combination of rows and columns. An array formula performs calculations on the data in one or more arrays, returning either a single or multiple results. Take this short course to learn more.

Inside this course:

Array formulas (2:57)
Create array formulas, often called Ctrl Shift Enter or CSE formulas, to perform calculations that generate single or multiple results. Watch this video to learn more.

Use SUM, AVERAGE, and MAX in array formulas (4:24)
An array formula can also return multiple values. Calculate totals, averages, and maximum values using the SUM, AVERAGE, and MAX functions.

Edit and delete array formulas (2:25)
Editing an array formula requires special steps, and this video shows you what they are. You'll also see how to delete array formulas.

Course summary
A brief reminder of the key points in this course.

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