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Automator workflows and AppleScript   scripts automate a frequently used sequence of events. Each application in Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 includes several Automator workflows. You can find them on the Script menu Script Menu (not selected) .

Do any of the following:

Apply an existing workflow

  • On the Script  Script Menu (not selected) menu, click Sample Automator Workflows, and then click the workflow that you want to run.

Add Automator workflows to the Script menu

To create a new Automator workflow, you can build a workflow from existing Automator actions, or you can use Automator to record your keyboard and mouse actions. For more information about how to create Automator workflows and actions, see Automator Help. To see new Automator workflows on the Script menu, you have to move them into a specific folder.

Note: Apple Automator is available in Mac OS X v10.4 (Tiger) or a later version.

  • In the Finder, move the workflow to /Users/ username/Documents/Microsoft User Data/ Office application name Script Menu Items/Sample Automator Workflows.

Obtain an AppleScript script and add it to the Script menu

  1. To obtain AppleScript scripts for Office applications, do any of the following:


Do this

Create your own script

Use a scripting application such as Script Editor, which is included in the Mac OS.

Search for scripts

Type AppleScript and Application Name into your favorite search engine. Scripts can contain viruses. Therefore, copy scripts only from sources that you trust.

  1. In the Finder, move the script to /Users/ username/Documents/Microsoft User Data/ Office Application Name Script Menu Items.

  2. To create submenus, create subfolders within the / Office Application Name Script Menu Items/ folder.


    • To quickly open a script for editing in the program that the script was created in, hold down OPTION and click the script on the Script menu.

    • You cannot add menu items for AppleScript applets to the Script menu. You can add menu items only for compiled scripts.

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