Annotate a scorecard in a deployed dashboard

You can add comments and information to the cells of a scorecard that is in a dashboard. This is called annotation.

You might want, for example, to indicate that bad weather contributed to a specific dip in sales numbers. You can enter a note in a cell that displays store sales numbers for that period, mentioning the bad weather that occured at that time. Your annotation will be indicated on the scorecard by a small red triangle in the cell that you used. Any user who has access to your dashboard will be able to see the red triangle and know that the cell contains an annotation. .

If you do not see an Enable Annotation button on the toolbar of the scoredcard, contact your IT Administrator.

What do you want to do?

Annotate a scorecard

Annotate a scorecard

  1. On the Scorecard View toolbar, click Enable Annotation.

    Note: Ignore this step if the annotation function is already enabled.

  2. Right-click the cell that you want to annotate.

  3. Click Comment in the context-sensitive menu.

  4. Click Add Comment in the PerformancePoint Scorecarding dialog box.

  5. Enter a title for your comment in the Enter Title text box.

  6. Enter your comment in the Enter Comment text box.

  7. Click Save.

  8. Click Close when you are finished.

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