Align a table or text within a table

Do any of the following:

Align a table on a page

Table alignments

Callout 1 Left aligned

Callout 2 Centered

Callout 3 Right aligned

Callout 4 Left aligned with indent

  1. Click the table, and then click the Table Layout tab.

  2. Under Settings, click Properties.

    Table Layout tab, Settings group

  3. Click the Table tab, and then under Alignment, select the option that you want.

    Tip: To indent a left-aligned table, enter a number in the Indent from left box.

Align text within a table

  1. Select one or more cells in the table, and then click the Table Layout tab.

  2. Under Alignment, click Align, and then select the option that you want.

    Table Layout tab, Alignment group

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