Change your Office 365 settings

Adjust privacy settings and understand app permissions

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Change your password, update contact preferences and understand why apps access your work or school account in Office 365 for business.

Once you sign in to your Office 365 for business account, you can:

Change your password
  1. From the My account page, click Manage Security and Privacy.

  2. Click Password and a new page will open.

  3. Enter your old password and then choose a new one.

  4. Finish by confirming the new password and clicking Submit.

Note: Your admin determines password policies such as length and character requirements. Also, depending on your organization's settings, it's possible you will not be allowed to change your password from this page.

Update Contact Preferences
  1. From the My account page, click Manage Security and Privacy.

  2. Click Contact Preferences and a list of options will appear: Education content, Promotional offers, Customer research, Partner communications and Compliance notifications.

  3. Check or uncheck the kind of communications you would like to receive.

  4. Underneath the options, update the phone number or email address where you would like to receive these communications.

  5. Click Save to finish and keep your changes.

Revoke an App permission
  1. From the My account page, click Change app permissions.

  2. Click Revoke underneath the app icon and then click Yes to stop the app from accessing your account.

  3. If you need to grant permission back to an app, click My apps.

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When you’re signed in to your Office 365 settings, it’s important to know how to change your password, manage contact preferences and to understand your app permissions.

From the My Account page, start by clicking Manage Security and Privacy.

You’ll see two options: Password and Contact Preferences.

It's always important to have a strong password and change it every few months.

Click Password and you will be redirected to a new page.

Here you will confirm your old password and create a new one.

The admin for your organization sets the password policies, such as length and character requirements.

If you want to change the information you receive about Office 365.

Click Contact Preferences and select the type of communications you're interested in.

Underneath, you can update your email address or the phone number where you are contacted.

App permissions allow an app to access your work or school account information, such as your name or email address to allow the app to work.

If you no longer want an app to access your account, click Revoke. You can grant permissions again later by going to the My apps page.

Most of the time you won’t be able to revoke permissions to your apps. They need access to work and your organization has already assigned them to you.

For example, you can't revoke your mail app's permissions because it needs your email address to send or receive email.

If you’re curious what an app does, click Details. And on the right side a description will appear.

If you have questions regarding security and privacy or app permissions, contact your organization’s admin.

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