Adding notes to a meeting

Meeting notes can be any details you want to record about the meeting proceedings. Optionally, you can insert the meeting agenda into a note item.

  1. Open the meeting for editing.

    If the meeting is part of a recurring meeting series, select the option to open only this occurrence. You cannot edit the notes for an entire recurring meeting series at once.

  2. Click Notes.

  3. Click New Note.

  4. Enter a descriptive title for the note item.

  5. Enter the text for note in the text area.

    • If you want to view the meeting agenda while composing the note item, click Show Agenda.

      The meeting agenda items display below the text area.

    • If you want to insert the agenda into the note item, click Insert Agenda, and then click Agenda Topics to insert only the Agenda topic titles or Agenda Details to insert the topic titles and details.

  6. Click Save & Close.

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