Add text and link text boxes in Publisher 2007

Add text to your publication by inserting a text box first. Most templates contain text boxes you can fill in, but you can also add your own text boxes.

First: Add a text box

  1. Click Insert > Text Box, and drag the cross shaped cursor to draw a box where you want text.

  2. Type text in the text box.

    If the text you type is too long for the text box, you can make the text box bigger, or link it to another text box.

Second: Link your text boxes

You can link text boxes so that text flows from one box to another.

  1. When a text box has too much text, a little symbol containing a capital A appears in the lower right of the text box. If you hover your mouse over the symbol, you'll see that it says Text in Overflow.

  2. Click Insert > Text Box and create a new text box.

  3. Click View > Toolbars > Connect Text Boxes to show the Connect Text Boxes toolbar.

  4. On the Connect Text Boxes toolbar, click the Create Text Box Link icon. Your cursor becomes a pitcher. text box linking pitcher, used to link text boxes.

  5. Move to the new text box and click (but note that you can't link to a text box that already contains text). The overflow text will show up in the new text box. If there is still text in overflow, the Text in Overflow symbol mentioned in Step 1 appears below the newer text box.

Now as you add text, words flow from one text box to another. If you run out of room in the second box you can link to another text box, and the text will flow through all three boxes.

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