Add records at any DNS hosting provider to set up your SharePoint Online Public Website


If you've customized your SharePoint Online Public Website, and you're ready to use your custom domain for the address, then you create (at the DNS host for your domain) a CNAME record to point to your customized website. Ready to create that CNAME record? Follow the steps in this article.

Important: Before you rename the site to use your custom domain name, make sure you've finished designing the website (in Office 365 operated by 21Vianet) and that you're ready for everyone to see it.

Add the CNAME record to use your custom domain

First, review one of the two following linked articles (depending on the Office 365 subscription you have) for an overview of the process.

Then, when you’re ready to create the required CNAME record, use the steps in the following table.



Gather information from SharePoint Online.

  1. From the Manage domains page in Office 365, go to the SharePoint admin center:

    1. Choose Domains, choose the domain name, and then choose Edit domain intent.

    2. Choose SharePoint Online.

    3. Choose Save.

    4. Choose SharePoint admin center.

  2. From the SharePoint admin center:

    1. Choose Manage site collections, and then select the check box next to your public website.

    2. On the ribbon, choose DNS Information.

  3. Write down or copy the target address so you’ll have it ready for the next step, Add a CNAME record.

Add a CNAME record.

  1. At your DNS hosting provider, add a CNAME record.

  2. Add the required information in the empty record:

    • Map the name of your custom domain; for example, to where name is the name of your custom domain; for example,

  3. Save the record.

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