Add or delete records in Business Contact Manager

Your business records are sorted into tabs on the workspaces in Business Contact Manager for Outlook. Use the tabs to view and work with your records, to add new records and to delete those that no longer belong in your database.

  1. In the Navigation Pane, under Business Contact Manager, click one of the following folders to display the workspace:

    • Contact Management.

    • Sales.

    • Marketing.

    • Project Management.

  2. Do one of the following actions:

    • Add a record    

      1. On the Ribbon, on the Home tab, in the New group, click the button for the type of record that you want to add.


        Click New Items, point to the record type in the list, and then click the type of record that you want to add.

        Note: If the record that you want to add is a custom record type, it is listed with the record type that it is based upon. For example, a Lead is a custom record type that is based on the Business Contact form, so to add a Lead, you would click the New Items button, point to Business Contacts, and then click Lead.

      2. Type any information that you want to store in the new record, and then click Save & Close.
        The new record is listed on the tab that displays the type of record.
        For more information about how to add records, see Get your business records into Business Contact Manager.

    • Remove a record    

      1. Click the tab that contains the record that you want to delete.

      2. Click the record.

      3. On the Ribbon, on the Home tab, in the Edit group, click Delete.

        Note: The selected record is moved to the Deleted Items folder under Business Contact Manager. For information about the Deleted Items folder, see Delete Business Contact Manager records.

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