Add or Edit Phone Usage Record

Use the Add Phone Usage Record or Edit Phone Usage Record dialog boxes to define a new phone usage record or edit an existing phone usage record.


Type a clear, descriptive name for the phone usage record (or example, Local Long-Distance Stockholm, Internal Only, International). You can use any name you like up to 256 Unicode characters. The name can contain spaces.


Use this field to describe phone usage record in more detail.

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Phone usage records are named classes of calls (for example, local, long-distance, or international). Phone usage records are assigned both to routes and to users for the purposes of specifying call authorization.

The following table shows sample names and corresponding descriptions of three phone usage records:



Local Long Distance

Calls to both local and long-distance numbers.


Calls to Delhi.


Local calls only.

For details, see the Operations section or Deployment section of the Office Communications Server Technical Library.

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