Use this dialog box to load or unload available add-ins in Microsoft Office Excel. After loading an add-in, the add-in program and its commands are available on the Data tab in the Analysis group.

Add-Ins available     Lists all available add-ins. Select a check box to load an add-in and make its commands and features available on the Add-Ins tab in Excel. To unload an add-in and to free up memory, clear the check box. Unloading the add-in does not delete the add-in from your computer.

A description of the selected add-in is displayed in the lower portion of the Add-Ins dialog box.

Browse     Click this button to locate an add-in program that is installed on your computer. By default, the Add-Ins dialog box lists add-ins that are installed in the \Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12\Library folder (including its subfolders).

Automation     Click this button to list all Component Object Model (COM) add-ins that are available to load into Excel.

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