Add a header to a worksheet

You can add information to a header so it’ll print at the top of every page. For example, you can create a header that contains page numbers to help your readers find pages in a printed worksheet .

  1. Click Insert > Header & Footer.

  2. Click the left, center, or right box at the top of the worksheet and add the information you want.

Left, right, and center header boxes

Tip:  To add information to a footer so it’ll print at the bottom of every page, click Design > Go to Footer, and then click the left, center, or right footer box. To switch back to the header, click Design > Go to Header.

  1. When the header is set up the way you want, click anywhere in the worksheet, and then click View > Normal.

Tip:  Headers aren’t limited to just page numbers – you can improve the readability and style of your worksheet by adding predefined information like worksheet titles, dates, or pictures to your header.

Why can’t I see the header in my workbook?

Click View > Page Layout. Headers show up only in Page Layout view, Print Preview, and on printed pages.

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