Add a colored border around a picture

Adding a colored border to a picture in your document can help it stand out, and provide a more polished look. There are a bunch of predefined borders to choose from, and you can make them any color you want.

A picture without a border added Picture with a border added

  1. Double-click the picture. This opens the Format tab along the top of the screen. If the Format tab doesn’t open, you can just click it.

    Format tab

  2. In the Picture Styles group, click the More arrow Button image to see all the border options.

    PowerPoint Ribbon Image

  3. Put your mouse arrow over each picture style to see a preview of what the border will look like.

  4. When you find a border you like, click it.

  5. To change the color of the border to something else, click Picture Border Picture Border menu button , and then pick the color you want.

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