Activate features for sites

With the proper permissions – Full Control, Design, or Edit – you can activate or deactivate specific features for your site. As an example, working with a Team site you can choose to activate a feature that creates a Microsoft OneNote notebook in the Shared Documents library of the site. Or perhaps you want to add community functionality such as discussion categories, content and people reputation and a members list.

To activate or deactivate features for a site

  1. Navigate to the site you want to configure.

  2. Click Site settings Office 365 Settings button .

  3. On the Site Settings page, under Site Actions, click Manage site features.

  4. Click Activate next to the feature you want to activate on the site, or click Deactivate if you want to turn off the feature on the site.

The table below describes features available for activation on a site.

Site Feature


Access app

Adds the Access web application

Automatic Mobile Browser Redirection

Automatically redirects the requests from supported mobile browsers to default mobile pages. Refer to configuration files for supported mobile browsers. Non-collaborative sites relying on branded Publishing pages typically do not make use of this feature.

BICenter Data Connections Feature

Class My Site Host Content

Adds class and group content to the My Site Host site collection

Class Web Types

Adds required content types to the SharePoint class web.

Community Site Feature

Adds community functionality such as discussion categories, content and people reputation, and the members list. It also provisions community site pages which contain these lists and features.

Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) Producer

Make the data stored in this SharePoint site collection available to application via the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) interfaces using SOAP and AtomPub.

Content Organizer

Create metadata based rules that move content submitted to this site to the correct library or folder.

Discover Project Sites

Duet Enterprise - SAP Workflow

Enables the site to host SAP workflow task types

Duet Enterprise Reporting

Retrieves data from the SAP System and generates reports. You can also create and save report settings to generate reports according to your personal preferences.

Duet Enterprise Site Branding

Enables the Duet Enterprise logo appear as the site logo

External System Events

Enables Alerts and Event Receivers on the External List and External Content Types.

Following Content

Enables users to follow documents or sites.

Getting Started

Creates an instance of the Promoted Links list with items about how to get started with your SharePoint site.

Getting Started with Project Web App

Creates an instance of the Promoted Links list with items about how to get started with your Project Web App site.

Group Work Lists

Provides Calendars with added functionality for team and resource scheduling.


Used to track external actions like litigations, investigations, or audits that require you to suspend the disposition of documents.

Metadata Navigation and Filtering

Provides each list in the site with a settings page for configuring that list to use metadata tree view hierarchies and filter controls to improve navigation and filtering of the contained items.

Minimal Download Strategy

A technique that enables faster and more fluid web navigation experience, in pages and site templates that support it, by downloading and rendering only those portions of a page that are changing.

Mobile Browser View

Enables a mobile view for document libraries and other lists in a Team site, for smartphone browsers.

Offline Synchronization for External Lists

Enables offline synchronization for external lists with Outlook and SharePoint Workspace.

PerformancePoint Services Site Features

Features enabling the PerformancePoint Services list and document library templates.

Project Functionality

This feature adds project management functionality to a site. It includes tasks, a calendar, and web parts on the home page of the site.

Project Proposal Workflow

Provides a review workflow for managing project proposals.

Project Web App Connectivity

Provides the lists required within a Project Site for integration with Project Web App including issues, risks, and deliverables.

Project Sites Collaboration Lists

Provides the lists required within a Project Site for integration with Microsoft Project Server including Project Documents, Project Issues, Project Risks, and Project Deliverables.

Push Notifications

Enables platform functionality that will allow mobile devices to subscribe to notifications for events that happen on this SharePoint site.

SAP Workflow Web Parts

Enables the usage of SAP Workflow Web Parts.

SharePoint Server Enterprise Site features

Features such as Visio Services, Access Services, and Excel Services Application, included in the SharePoint Server Enterprise License.

SharePoint Server Publishing

Create a Web page library as well as supporting libraries to create and publish pages based on page layouts.

SharePoint Server Standard Site Features

Features such as user profiles and search, included in the SharePoint Server Standard License.

Search Config Data Content Types

Install content types designed to manage search configuration.

Search Config Data Site Columns

Install columns designed to manage information about search configurations.

Search Config List Instance Features

Provisions a list to enable the import and export of Search Configurations.

Search Config Template Feature

Site Feed

Enables the use of site feeds.

Site Mailbox

The Site Mailbox app helps you keep email and documents close together by connecting to your site to an Exchange mailbox. You can then view your email on SharePoint, and view site documents in Outlook.

Site Notebook

Creates a Microsoft OneNote notebook in the Shared Documents library and places a link to it on the Quick Launch.

Team Collaboration Lists

Provides team collaboration capabilities for a site by making standard lists, such as document libraries and issues, available.

Team Mailbox

Set up a shared mailbox for your team and access it from this site as well as from Outlook.

Wiki Page Home Page

This site feature will create a wiki page and set it as your site home page.

Workflow Task Content Type

Adds the SharePoint 2013 Task content type to the site

Workflows can use app permissions

Enables workflows to read from and to write to all items from the site.

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