Accessibility features in SharePoint Online

Sites that you create in SharePoint Online include accessibility features that make it easier for people with disabilities to use them.

This article offers links to information about how to do basic tasks in SharePoint Online with a screen reader. It also contains links to articles about how to create sites in SharePoint Online that are more accessible for people with disabilities.

Note: When you use SharePoint Online, we recommend that you use Internet Explorer as your browser. Learn more about Internet Explorer keyboard shortcuts.

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Work with keyboard shortcuts and navigation options in SharePoint Online

Keyboard shortcuts enable people with disabilities to operate apps by using the keyboard rather than the mouse. Because all of the apps you use to access SharePoint Online operate in your web browser, the keyboard shortcuts that work in your browser also work for all SharePoint Online apps. For example, to move forward through the links and other elements on any web page, including pages created using SharePoint Online, press the Tab key, or to move back, press Shift+Tab.

For information on the keyboard shortcuts that are specific to SharePoint Online, refer to Keyboard shortcuts in SharePoint Online.

Turn on navigation options

Many pages created using SharePoint Online include four “hidden” links in the upper-left corner of the page. To access these links, place your cursor in the browser address bar (or press F6) and press the Tab key until you see the tooltips for each link or you hear the audible feedback (the name of the link) from your screen reader:

Important: We do not recommend the use of More Accessible Mode. This feature no longer offers any benefit for accessibility, and will be deprecated.

  • Turn on More Accessible Mode. We do not recommend the use of More Accessible Mode.

  • Skip ribbon commands. To go to the first link in the navigation pane for the page, press Enter.

  • Skip to main content. To go to the main content on the page, press Enter.

  • Turn off animations. To turn animations on or off in any videos or graphics on the page, press Enter.

Create accessible sites in SharePoint Online

To learn how to create accessible sites in SharePoint Online, refer to:

Do more tasks with SharePoint Online and a screen reader

To learn how to perform tasks with screen readers in SharePoint Online, go to:

Technical support for customers with disabilities

Microsoft wants to provide the best possible experience for all our customers. If you have a disability or questions related to accessibility, please contact the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk for technical assistance. The Disability Answer Desk support team is trained in using many popular assistive technologies and can offer assistance in English, Spanish, French, and American Sign Language. Please go to the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk site to find out the contact details for your region.

If you are a government, commercial, or enterprise user, please contact the enterprise Disability Answer Desk.

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