About the currency conversion template in Planning Business Modeler

The Currency Conversion template does not use placeholders to indicate the values that you should provide. Instead, the rule template is a working, general-purpose rule that applies to many different scenarios. You can use this template without modification, or customize it to fit the requirements of a business.

The rules that you create with a currency rule template are run as a currency translation job. By default, a currency translation job applies to exactly one entity at a time. However, if you select a parent entity of your entity hierarchy as the entity to be converted, PerformancePoint Planning Business Modeler converts the currencies for all descendants of the parent entity. For information about the properties for this job, see About currency translation jobs.

To make the rule as general as possible, the rule uses several powerful tools from the Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Expression Language (PEL). The following list contains links to more information about these PEL tools and about other strategies that can help you write an effective currency rule:

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