About the Skype for Business admin role

To help you administer Office 365, you can assign users permissions to set up and manage Skype for Business Online. You do this by assigning them to the Skype for Business Online admin role.

Tip: When you assign someone to the Skype for Business Online role, also assign them to the Service admin role. This way they can see important information in the Office 365 admin center, such as the health of the Skype for Business Online service, change and release notifications, and usage reports.

Here's what the Skype for Business admin can do:


Specific tasks

Set up Skype for Business

Configure Skype for Business

To change the default language for voicemail greetings and emails in your organization, you must be an Office 365 global admin.

View usage reports

Activity Reports in the Office 365 Admin Center

People who are assigned to the Office 365 global admin role or User Management role can also do all of the same tasks as someone assigned to the Skype for Business admin role.

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