About the Business Contact Manager Home page

The Business Contact Manager Home page offers fast, customizable access to frequently used business tools.

Display the Business Contact Manager Home page

  • To open this page, on the Business Contact Manager toolbar, click Business Contact Manager Home.

Add or Remove Content on the Business Contact Manager Home page

The page includes four tabs: Home, Sales, Marketing, and Projects. To get started, do the following:

  1. Click a tab, and then click Add or Remove Content.

  2. In the Add or Remove Content dialog box, select the content types you want on the page. You can add any of the standard content options provided, such as Business Leads or Account Recent History, as well as any Search Folder you have created. To adjust the order in which the content types appear on the page, click the Move Up or Move Down buttons.

  3. On the pages, in the section headers, use the Up   Button image  or Down  Button image  arrows in the content sections to collapse or expand the section. To remove a section from a page, click the Delete   Button image   button.

  4. To change what details appear in the section lists, right-click a column header and click Field Chooser. Drag a column heading from the Field Chooser to the list header to display information from that field. To change the location of a header field, click and drag the field in the header.

The types of content you can choose from include:

  • Online Spotlight     Learn how to make the most of your business tools and upgrades for Business Contact Manager for Outlook.

    Note: If you do not want to receive this information, click Add or Remove Content, and clear the selection. Repeat this action for each tab.

  • Reports     Run, display, and print a variety of reports.

  • Accounts    View recent activity in your Accounts.

  • Business Contacts    View recent activity with your Business Contacts or a list of Business Contacts with Excellent Rating.

  • Marketing Campaigns    View recent activity in current Marketing Campaigns (on the Marketing tab only).

  • Opportunities    Include a list of open Opportunities, view recent activity in your Opportunities, or display Opportunity charts such as the Opportunity Funnel or Opportunity Pipeline.

  • Business Projects     View recent activity in Business Projects or a list of open Business Projects.

  • Project Tasks     Start a new task or view open tasks.

  • Search Folders    View the contents of Search Folders you have created.

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