About the Associations workspace in Planning Business Modeler

To access the Associations workspace, click Associations in the Workspace Browser pane. The Associations workspace displays a list of the associations that are defined for the model site.

Association information cannot be edited in the workspace. To edit association information, select the association row in the Associations in this site table, and then check out the association.

The Associations workspace includes the Association Summary page. For more information, see the topic About the Associations Summary page.



Associations in this site

A list of associations in the model site.

Association Tasks

Links for tasks such as Create an Association that you can do from this page.

Associations in this site

The following table shows the elements in this workspace. The table lists the associations that are defined in the model site, and identifies certain properties for each association.


D escription


The name of the association.


The label for the association. The label is the primary identifier of objects throughout the system.


A user-friendly description of the association.

Parent model site

The name of the parent model site that includes the source and destination model sites.

Source site

The name of the model site that contains the source model in the association.

Source Model

The name of the model from which data will be mapped.

Destination Site

The name of the model site that contains the destination model in the association

Destination Model

The name of the model that is the destination of the mapped data.

Checked out by

The name of the user or role to which this association is checked out.

Association tasks

The following table describes the elements that you can use from the Association Tasks pane.



Create an Association

Click this link to open the New Association dialog box.

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