About the Account dimension in Planning Business Modeler

The Account dimension and its associated rules enable you to create and maintain a chart of accounts for various financial models.

Note:  To use rules with SQL implementation in a model that includes the Account dimension, the dimension must incorporate a parent-child hierarchy. If the Account dimension contains only an All Members hierarchy or a Member Set View hierarchy, rules that have SQL implementation are not supported. For more information about rules with SQL implementation, see SQL implementation.

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Account dimension member properties

Provides reference information about properties for Account dimension members. These include account type, debit/credit categorization, the TimeBalance attribute for aggregation, and other properties that determine account handling in financial processes.

User modifications in the Account dimension

Describes the ways that you can add dimension members or modify dimension properties in the Account dimension.

Balance sheet account classification

Provides reference information about balance sheet accounts.

Income statement account classification

Provides reference information about income statement accounts.

Nonfinancial account classification

Provides reference information about nonfinancial accounts.

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