About organizing clips

The following tips can make finding specific clips easier, whether the clips are part of the original Clip Organizer, or whether you added them to Clip Organizer later:

  • Put your clips in at least one collection. You can create a new collection, put the clips in the Favorites collection or any other existing collection you have created, or use a combination of these options.

  • Add keywords to your clips. Keywords allow you to search for your clips, so make up keywords that you'll remember to use to find your clips later. For example, you could add the following keywords to a photo of your colleague Jim, taken at last year's New Year's party: Jim, New Year, party, company events, colleagues, and so on.

  • Enter a short caption for your clips. In Clip Organizer, the caption appears in the ToolTip when you let the mouse pointer rest on the clip.

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