About database windows

Code window

Lists all code for a particular database platform that is associated with your model, including code extracted from a database during reverse engineering. The Code window also provides access to the Code Editor, where you can revise existing code or write new code.

Tables and Views window

Appears automatically when you use the Reverse Engineer Wizard, and lists the names of tables and views extracted from the database. You can drag elements from the Tables and Views window into your diagram, where you can view them along with any associated relationships.

Note: You can view the tables related to a particular table without viewing the entire model diagram.

Types window

Lists the composite types you defined, the built-in logical data types for your target database, and the portable data types you created using the User-Defined Types dialog box. Once you are familiar with the logical data type requirements of your database management system, you can assign data types to specific columns in the model.

Output window

Displays progress and status feedback when you run the Reverse Engineer Wizard. For example, the Output window displays notes about which tables are extracted from a database.

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