About creating recurring cycles in Planning Business Modeler

In PerformancePoint Planning Business Modeler, you can set a recurrence pattern for a cycle in order to run multiple instances of the cycle at predefined intervals. When you associate a cycle with a model, the cycle restricts the data submission to the selected model. The members of the Time dimension that are available for writeback in a cycle are defined by the cycle data period.

To help make objects dynamic with regard to time, you can set the Current Period model property, and then use this property when you create the rolling cycle. When you use this property, Planning Business Modeler automatically inserts the correct period into each instance of the recurring cycle.

You can use the Current Period property to specify values for one or both of the start date or the end date of the cycle data period. You can also use this value in an expression. For example, you can set the start date or end date equal to the Current Period property, plus or minus a specified number of periods.

For more information about how to set a model property, see Add, edit, or delete a model property.

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