About creating a basic report in Management Reporter

A Microsoft Office PerformancePoint 2007 Management Reporter report definition sets the structure of a report; it does not contain any financial data. The report definition contains the report settings and identifies the building blocks that are associated with the report definition. In the report definition, specify a time frame (period and year), and then generate the report to view the financial data.

Management Reporter offers the following methods for creating a new report definition:

  • Use the Report Wizard to quickly create a basic report definition that you can customize later. This approach is useful if you are new to designing reports.

  • Create a new report definition that combines new or existing building blocks. This approach offers complete flexibility for report design and is useful if you have experience with designing reports.

This section describes the two ways to design a basic report. The first part shows you how to use the Report Wizard to create a basic report. The second part shows you how to use the row and column definition and the report definition to create a specific example report. By following this example, you will learn how to create, save, and view a basic report. Options for building more detailed reports are outlined in later sections of this Help.

Read this section to practice developing a basic report before designing your own reports.

You do not need to fully understand all available report definition options in order to produce quality reports. As you become familiar with designing reports, you can expand your report definitions to take advantage of more advanced features. For detailed explanations about the features of designing reports, refer to the remaining sections in this Help.

Note:  Before following the steps in this section, make sure that Management Reporter is installed and open, and that you have created and set a default entity.

After you have created a basic report, you can customize the report definition and any of the building blocks within the report definition. You can also create a reporting tree for the report.

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