About column definitions in Management Reporter

A column definition is a template that defines the contents of the report columns. A column definition includes the following:

  • A descriptive column that displays the descriptions from the row definition

  • Amount columns that display data from the financial data, an Excel spreadsheet, or calculations on other data in the column definition

  • Formatting columns

A column definition includes two distinct sections:

  • The headers area of the column definition contains the heading text and formatting that appears in the report. A header can apply to a single column of data, or a header can spread across multiple columns. The column definition can include as many column header rows as you need.

    Note:  Column headers apply to each column of data in the report. Report headers apply to the entire report. Define report headers on the Headers and Footers tab of the report definition.

  • Column detail rows are the rows under the header rows in the column definition. Column detail rows define the information to include in the report. The following table lists and describes the column detail rows.

Column Detail Row Name


Column Type

Specifies the type of data in the report for this column.

Scenario / Attribute Category

Fiscal Year


Time Range

Specify financial data information for FD column types.


Specifies a calculation formula for CALC column types.

Column Width

Extra Spaces Before Column

Format/Currency Override

Print Control

Specify special format options.

Column Restrictions

Restricts data.

Reporting Unit

Restricts the column to show data for the specified reporting unit only.

Currency Source

Currency Filter

Format currency.

Account Filter

Specifies a filter to limit data to certain financial data reporting units.

Attribute Filter

Specifies a filter to limit the financial data.

Start Date

End Date

Restrict the financial data to specific dates.


Justifies the description text that is specified in the row definition.

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