About business templates

A business template makes it simpler to set up a new company. It applies initial company settings and creates specific accounts that are typical for a particular type of business. You apply a business template by selecting a business type in Company Setup.

Microsoft Office Accounting comes with a number of business templates. You can also create your own business template by exporting the settings of an existing company.

If you need to, after you create your company you can adjust the settings and accounts applied by a business template. You cannot remove a business template.

Choose the right business template

Each business template contains different settings. To see how a specific business template configures a company, you can use Company Setup to create a test company, select a business type, and see if the settings and setup are right for your company.

Note: You cannot modify a business template. However, you can apply a business template to a new company, change the company settings, and then export those settings to a custom business template. For more information, see Create a custom business template.

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