About available actions for an assignment (PerformancePoint Server 2007)

There are actions that you can perform for each assignment definition and assignment instance. You must have Modeler or Data Administrator permissions to perform these actions.

Note: After you perform an action, you should refresh PerformancePoint Planning Business Modeler to help prevent conflicts between the action and any subsequent changes that you make. To refresh, select Refresh from the View menu.

Available Action for assignment definitions

Available action



Invokes the assignment instance for a cycle instance that is in progress. Instantiates for all users or for a specified user.


Deletes the assignment definition and purges all assignment instances generated by it. This action cannot be undone.

Update Running Instances

Updates all assignments that are in the Started state with information from Active Directory.

Available actions for assignment instances

Available action



Marks the assignment as approved by the approver who initiated the action.

Discard included workbook

Discards a previously saved workbook that was included with a submission.

Override Status

Allows the assignment to be forced into any valid state for the current workflow, except Failed or Pending. This action is available only to the owner of the cycle to which the assignment belongs.


Deletes the assignment and all associated components. This action is available only to the owner of the cycle to which the assignment belongs.

Note: If a user is removed from a role that is used in an assignment definition, and you want to delete any existing instances that the user owns, you must purge them manually.


Moves the assignment to the Rejected state.


Marks the assignment as reviewed by the reviewer who initiated the action.

Save Privately

Saves form assignment changes to the user computer without saving data to the server.


Saves changes in the assignment to the server and updates the assignment status to Submitted. The Submit action can be used multiple times until the submission deadline passes.

Submit Draft

Writes form data to the underlying model but does not move the assignment to the next state in the workflow. Therefore, the contributor will be able to submit the form assignment again.

Submit Final

Writes form data to the underlying model and moves the assignment to the next state in the workflow. In PerformancePoint Add-in for Excel, the contributor will not be able to submit again if this submission succeeds.

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