About Web keywords

Keywords (also called META tags) are words that are typed into an Internet search engine to find a specific kind of Web site. To help people find your site, identify keywords that represent your site. To maximize access to your Web site, identify as many variations of a word or phrase as possible.

If a person searches on one or more of your keywords, your site is listed in the results of their search. The more representative your keywords are and the more keywords you have that match what the user is searching on, the higher your site is in the list of search results.

Here are some tips for choosing keywords for your Web site:

  • Include singular and plural words

    For example: dog, dogs, kennel, kennels

  • Include active and passive verbs

    For example: feed dogs, dogs are fed, board dogs, dogs are boarded

  • Include words that aren't in your site but represent its overall content

    For example: pet sitter, pet motel

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