About Search Folders in Business Contact Manager

In Business Contact Manager for Outlook, a Search Folder is a virtual folder that provides a view of the results for a specific query you created for a type of item, such as Accounts, Business Contacts, or Opportunities. Use search folders to easily store and retrieve selected search queries you create or customize. For example, you can create a Search Folder named "Tier 1 Customers" to include only Business Contacts with a rating of "Excellent." Or you can customize Business Leads, the one default folder included in Search Folders, to include only new Business Contacts who were added in the past two months, and then rename this folder New Business Contacts.

To quickly see the contents of a search folder, you can add it to a Business Contact Manager Home page. For more information, see About the Business Contact Manager home page.

Note: By using search folders and Microsoft Office Publisher* or Microsoft Office Word*, you can use mail merge* to create personalized letters or e-mail messages, as well as mailing labels and envelopes from the data in your Account or Business Contact records. For more information about using mail merge*, see Personalize (with mail merge) documents, e-mail messages, and create labels and envelopes using Business Contact Manager records.

*Mail merge requires Publisher or Word. The stand-alone edition of Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager can be used with the 2007 or 2003 versions of Publisher and Word.

Create a new Search Folder

  1. On the Go menu, click Folder List to open the Navigation Pane.

  2. In the Folder List, under Business Contact Manager, right-click Search Folders, and then click New Search Folder.

  3. In the New Search Folder dialog box, do the following:

Use this


Name box

Type a name for the search folder.

Items of this type are included in this Search Folder: box

  • Business Contacts

  • Accounts

  • Opportunities

  • Business Projects

  • Project Tasks

  • Contact History

  • Account History

  • Opportunity History

  • Business Project History

Select one of the nine item types.

Filter button

Click the Filter button to open the Filter form.

In the Filter form, select the criteria you want to include in the query. For assistance, click the Help  Help icon button on the form.

Click OK or Save Filter to return to the New Search Folder dialog box.

OK button

In the New Search Folder dialog box, click OK to close the dialog box.

The commands on the Search Folders shortcut menu

Under Search Folders, right-click the selected search folder to do the following on the shortcut menu:

Use this



Open the selected search folder.

Open in New Window

Open the selected search folder in a new window.

Create Marketing Campaign from this Search Folder

Open the Marketing Campaign and prepopulate the Recipients list with the items in the selected search folder.

Note: This command appears only with search folders created for Accounts and Business Contacts.

Customize this Search Folder

Customize the query used for this folder.

Delete <search folder>

Delete the selected search folder.

Rename <search folder>

Rename the selected search folder.

New Search Folder

Open a New Search Folder dialog box, in which you can create a new search folder.

Add to Favorite Folders

Add a copy of the selected search folder to your Favorite Folders in Outlook.


On the Go menu, click Mail, and then click to open the Navigation Pane to view Favorite Folders.

The selected search folder remains in Search Folders, and a copy is added to your Favorite Folders in Outlook.

Note: This command appears only when the search folder has not been added to your Favorite Folders in Outlook.

Remove from Favorite Folders

Click to remove the selected search folder from the Favorite Folders in Outlook. The folder remains in the Search Folders in Business Contact Manager for Outlook.

Note: This command appears only when the search folder has been added to your Favorite Folders in Outlook.

Note: When you are using an offline database, you cannot add, delete, rename or customize your Search Folders.

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