About Opportunities in Business Contact Manager

An Opportunity is a chance to sell your products or services. By using Business Contact Manager for Outlook, you can track your Opportunity information through Opportunity records.

An Opportunity record is linked to either an Account or Business Contact record and is used to help you keep track of your growing relationship with a potential customer or vendor. Opportunities can also be linked to communication history items, such as business notes, tasks, appointments, phone logs, and files.

In an Opportunity record, you can view all your information from the initial contact to a closed sale. You can also run reports or sort views to prioritize sales information, track customer interactions, indicate progress, and forecast your sales. If Business Contact Manager for Outlook is integrated with your accounting system, you can create quotes, sales orders, or invoices from your Opportunity records.

Open an Opportunity record

You can open an Opportunity record to add or edit information about the Opportunity, or to see communication history items that are linked to the Opportunity record.

  1. On the Business Contact Manager menu, click Opportunities.

  2. In the Opportunities list, double-click the Opportunity record that you want to open.

  3. Make the changes.

  4. On the Ribbon, click Save & Close.

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