About Management Reporter (PerformancePoint Server)

Microsoft Office PerformancePoint 2007 Management Reporter extends the value of your financial data by simplifying and enhancing your financial and management reporting. You can design and generate reports on the data in your source system. These reports can also include data from MicrosoftOffice Excel spreadsheets.

Management Reporter moves past traditional reporting constraints, enhancing your creativity and helping you to design a variety of reports efficiently.

The following figure shows how Management Reporter fits into the flow of your financial information.

figure of flow of financial information

Management Reporter extracts information from your financial data or the Financial Data Mart. If you have linked to any Office Excel spreadsheets, Management Reporter combines the extracted information with that in the spreadsheets. Then, Management Reporter uses your customized report definition formats and your customized management reporting hierarchy to produce reports. These reports can be viewed, printed, sent as e-mail messages, or exported to a spreadsheet file.

You can create professional quality reports that reflect your organization's style guidelines.

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