About Intercompany Reconciliation jobs in Planning Business Modeler

The intercompany reconciliation job does the following:

  • Converts currency from the source currency to the reporting (destination) currency by using the Currency Conversion model.

  • Automatically adjusts data based on the details in the specified rule or rule set and on the properties of the target model.

To perform the tasks in this job, you have to customize a specialized business rule template. For more information, see How do I customize an Intercompany Reconciliation template?

To run a job, you must not only have permission to run the job, but also Read permission on the PerformancePoint Planning Server system database. Otherwise, you cannot see the results of the job. If you do not currently have Read permission on the database, talk to the Planning Server data administrator.

Templates and properties

If you select the ICReconciliation template for this job, you must set the following properties to run the job:

Job property name


Target Model

Model on which to run the selected reconciliation.


Scenario for which to reconcile in this job.

Rule or Rule Set

The name of the rule or rule set that the job will run.

Start Period

The first period for which the reconciliation will run.

End Period

The last period for which the reconciliation will run.

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