You can quickly add a GoDaddy domain to Office 365

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Office 365 lets you add your GoDaddy domain in a three-step process that takes minutes. Using the domains setup wizard in Office 365, you'll provide the domain name you want to add to Office 365, and then the automatic process at GoDaddy makes setup fast and simple.

In the wizard, we'll just confirm that you own the domain, and then automatically set up your domain’s records at GoDaddy, so email comes to Office 365 and other Office 365 services, like Skype for Business, work with your domain.

Note: Make sure you disable any popup blockers in your browser before you start the setup wizard. If you have trouble with your GoDaddy sign in or your domain isn't setup correctly after following these steps, contact GoDaddy support.

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Which setup steps are automated?

When you type your domain name in the domains setup wizard, we detect that the domain is hosted at GoDaddy. Then, as you step through the wizard, we can verify your domain ownership and set up email and other services for you. You just sign in to GoDaddy when you're prompted in the wizard, and we take care of updating the DNS records for you.

What happens to my email? And my website?

After you finish setup, the MX record for your domain is updated to point to Office 365 and all email for your domain will start coming to Office 365. Make sure you've added users and set up mailboxes in Office 365 for everyone who gets email on your domain!

Tip: Don't want to move email for everyone on your domain to Office 365? You can take steps to pilot Office 365 with just a few email addresses instead.

If you have a website that you use with your business, it will keep working where it is. The GoDaddy setup steps don't affect your website.

The details: How does automated setup with GoDaddy work differently than regular setup?

The overall steps are the same as those for domains registered at other domain registrars. You help Office 365 confirm that you own the domain, make sure you've set up Office 365 mailboxes for everyone who uses email on your domain, and then add the records that tell the Internet to send email messages sent to your domain to Office 365.

If your domain is hosted at a different DNS host (not GoDaddy), you have to navigate your domain registrar’s website to add or edit DNS records to complete the steps. DNS records are the Internet's way of directing network traffic for domain names (learn more about DNS). Updating DNS manually takes some time. You have to sign in to the website for the DNS host, find the page where you can add DNS records for your domain, and copy or type specific values into the fields for those records. In addition, it can take extra time for DNS records you add yourself to update across the Internet.

When you have a GoDaddy domain, the same records are required for domain setup, but the automation built into the setup wizard adds the records for you! Because the required records are created and updated automatically, it also removes the possibility of typos and other errors. And with the automated process, when the changes are completed, they’re detected immediately by Office 365.

Note: When you let us automatically create DNS records for you, it's easy to set up the domain with Office 365. Be aware, however, that if your domain's nameserver records point to GoDaddy, you cannot choose to set up the domain so that Office 365 manages DNS for you, as you can with domains that point to other DNS hosts. You also can't change how DNS is managed for your domain.

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