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Working with images

This article is a round-up of articles for the scenario for inserting, formatting, and manipulating images in Microsoft Publisher 2010. This includes an overview of the new Picture Tools Format tab, the crop tool, placing images in shapes, and formatting options.

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Picture Tools Format tab

Add an image

Crop an image

Add an image to a shape

Reset an image

Picture Tools Format tab

Publisher 2010 uses the ribbon, introduced to many of the Office applications in Office 2007. The menus and toolbars have been replaced with the ribbon, which helps you quickly find the commands that you need to complete a task. Commands are organized in logical groups that are collected together under tabs.

When you insert or select a picture in Publisher 2010 the Picture Tools Format contextual tab will become available on the ribbon. This tab gives you the ability to quickly format the picture, including adjusting the picture, formatting the picture style from a gallery, applying effects, aligning and grouping, and cropping the picture.

Picture tools tab in Publisher 2010

For detailed information on the Picture Tools Format tab, see Picture Tools Tab.

Add an image

To add an image to your publication simply select the Insert tab, click either Picture or Clip Art, and then navigate to the picture or clip art you want in your publication.

Add a picture or clip art in Publisher 2010

Crop an image

You can resize or crop to change the size of a picture. Resizing changes the dimensions of the picture by stretching or shrinking it, while cropping reduces the size of the picture by removing the vertical or horizontal edges. Cropping is often used to hide or trim a part of a picture, either for emphasis or to remove unwanted portions.

Ribbon Picture Tools Format Tab crop command in Publisher

For detailed information, see Crop pictures.

Add an image to a shape

You can insert a picture into a shape to create special image effects, here are some examples:

Screenshot of a collage in Publisher showing pictures with different shapes

For detailed information, see Crop a picture to an AutoShape.

Reset an image

The Reset Picture button removes all the formatting you’ve applied to the selected picture since you last saved your publication.

  1. Select the picture with the formatting you want to remove.

  2. In the Picture Tools Format tab’s Adjust group, click Reset Picture.
    Reset Picture button in Publisher 2010

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