Visio tools and toolbars

The Microsoft Office Visio tools are grouped on toolbars based on the type of task you perform with them.

To see the purpose of a tool or button, pause the pointer over it on the toolbar. A tip appears that describes the tool. If no tip appears, turn on the display of ScreenTips on the Options tab of the Customize dialog box.

Menu Bar

Standard Microsoft Windows-style menus.


Primary tools for dragging and drawing shapes, as well as standard Windows-program tools for opening, closing, saving, and printing files.


Buttons for changing the font, formatting, color, and line style.


Buttons to align, rotate, connect, change the stacking order of, and group shapes.


Buttons for entering shape data, linking data to shapes, refreshing data, and displaying data on shapes.


Buttons for running macros, opening Visual Basic Editor, inserting a control in a drawing, displaying the ShapeSheet window, and switching to design mode while working in VBA.


Tools for drawing rectangles, elipses, lines, arcs, and freeform shapes.

Format Shape

Style lists for lines, fills, and layers along with tools for corner rounding, transparency, fill pattern, and shadows.

Format Text

Style lists for text along with tools for changing format, alignment, size, and bullets.

Layout & Routing

Buttons for changing how connector routing behaves.


Tools for editing graphics including Insert Picture, the Crop Tool, Format Picture, and Transparency.


Tools for marking up drawings and managing markups.

Snap & Glue

Buttons for changing how snap or glue behave.


Buttons for opening, creating, and changing stencils.


Buttons for showing or hiding the grid, guides, and connection points, displaying layers, and opening the Shapes, Pan & Zoom, Shape Data, Size & Position, and Drawing Explorer windows.


Buttons for inserting hyperlinks, paging back or forward on the Web, and opening Internet Explorer.

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