View your Connections campaign results

Campaign results

After you create and send out a campaign, you can view the Home screen on your mobile Connections app, or the Home page on your Business center to get information about your campaigns at a glance.

You can view:

  • Summary information on recent campaigns. A recent campaign is any campaign that is sent in the last seven days. If there are no recent campaigns, then the summary of the latest campaign sent is displayed.

    Campaign summary information in the Business center.

Campaign specific information

You can further investigate each campaign by clicking on the See details link to view:

  • Campaign information:

    This section contains basic information about the campaign, such as the type of campaign, campaign subject title, to whom it was sent to, and who created and sent the campaign.

  • Campaign performance:

  • These following information of different campaign types are selected to help you evaluate your campaign success:

    • Ask for a referral: Referral: Number of emails opened by your customers, number of sign-ups, and the number of offers redeemed by both your existing customers and the referred customers.

    • Make an announcement/Send a newsletter: Number of emails opened and number of clicked emails.

Mailing list growth

This section shows you how effective your campaigns have been at growing your audience. The time frame for information shown is the previous 30 days.

  • Contacts added or removed help you understand customer growth date and net growth. (Net growth = contacts added - contacts removed)

    Click or tap on See mailing lists to view your mailing lists and recommendations on how to grow them.

    Mailing list growth and summary information.

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