What is Office 365?

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Keep your Office profile up to date so your teammates can get to know more about you, what skills you have, and what you're working on right now.

Edit your profile page

  1. Sign in to office.com/signin with your Office 365 for business account.

  2. Select your profile picture.

  3. Select My profile.

  4. Select Update profile.

  5. Update the information you want, such as About me, Projects, and more.

    Note: To keep some information private, select the globe The globe shows that everyone can see the information and then select Only you can see this. Some information you might not be able to edit because it is controlled by your IT or HR department.

Change your profile picture

  1. Select Upload a new photo.

  2. Select Change your photo.

    If you see the photo pane, skip this step.

  3. Select Upload a new photo.

  4. Select a picture, and then select Open.

  5. Select Set as profile photo.

  6. Select Close

Change the cover photo

  1. Select Change cover photo.

  2. Select a category of photos.

  3. Select a photo from the list or select Colors

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View and update your profile in Office Delve

What is Office 365?

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To update your Office 365 for business profile in Delve, sign into Office 365 at office.com/signin, select your Office 365 profile picture and select My profile.

In Delve, select Update profile.

Write a few words about yourself in the About me box.

Add Projects you’ve worked on and Skills and expertise.

Save the changes. Add information to other sections, and then select Add.

To remove information, select the X next to it.

If you see a small pencil, information is editable. If not, it may be controlled by your IT or human resources department.

Information with a small globe near it, is shared with everyone. To hide information from others, select the globe and choose Only you can see this.

To add your picture to your profile, select the camera,

and then select Change your photo.

Select Upload photo, and browse to the photo you want. Profile picture photos should be 96 by 96 pixels and in bmp, jpeg, or png image formats.

To go back to your profile, select Save and Close.

It might take some time before the new picture appears.

To update your cover photo, select from the images provided.

Or select a color.

Your profile is now up to date.

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